Pet Connection

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Noell

Talk about a great deal -- that's at least a cat and a half, for the price of one!!!

Noell is a cat with some serious floof factor. The fluffy ten-year-old turned up at the pound before he was rescued by workers at Homeward Animal Shelter, and the giant furball has turned out to be a friend to everybody. Dogs. Cats. Kids. Adults. You name it, Noell never met an individual he didn’t like. As a matter of fact,…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Batman

He needs a home. And a sidekick.

Dark, mysterious, muscular, with an intense and arresting gaze like his namesake, Batman the cat has a similarly sad backstory. The handsome black shorthair was found all alone in the world by rescue workers who brought him in for fostering through Diamond in the Ruff pet rescue. And now, he’s unmasking himself long enough to visit live in studio with…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Aster

A fragile flower who's survived a lot.

It’s been said the strongest flower is one that blooms in adversity. (Actually, it was Mulan’s dad that said it.) But it’s often true, and it’s Aster the chihuahua mix is a beautiful example of it in real life. She came to 4 Luv of Dog rescue as an owner surrender with some serious health issues, ones her owner couldn’t…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Patsy

If you're smart -- like she is -- you'll grab this girl for your own family.

Some dog experts think these might be the smartest of all the dog breeds in the world. High-energy, intelligent and full of spirit, they’re border collies, and some individuals of this breed have been known to learn more than 1,000 words. But the one word little Patsy wants to learn most is “home.” She came to Adopt-A-Pet as a stray…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Pepper

A seasoned cuddler and all-around adorable adoptable dog.

If you’re looking for someone to spice up your day, you can’t do better than Pepper. The Lhasa Apso mix lost his home when his owner had to move to a care facility, and he was surrendered to the Homeward Animal Shelter. Homeward’s Heather Klefstad brought Pepper in for a visit with the Morning Show’s Emily Welker live in studio,…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Winston

Believe it or not, it took three tries for this guy to find his forever home.

With his thick white coat, enormous physical presence, and melting brown eyes, Winston the Great Pyrenees is one of the most strikingly beautiful and charismatic rescue dogs in the Red River Valley region. But even this success story has had his struggles finding his way to a forever home. He found it four years ago, with Diamond in the Ruff’s…

LIVE: Meet Dusk

Don't let the sun go down on another day without meeting this dog. Categories: Agriculture, Business, Community, Entertainment, Health, Local News, Minnesota News, Moorhead, Morning – In The Studio, North Dakota News, Pet Connection

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Mitzy

You could call her the Betty White of dogs.

Nonagenarian Betty White turns 97 Thursday, and in dog years, that’s just one year off the age of little Miss Mitzy here. While some dog experts dispute the accuracy of saying each year in dog years is equivalent to 7 human ones, there’s no denying that at 14, Mitzy’s not exactly playing the ingenue these days. But you’d never know…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Persia and Fifi

A tale of two kitties.

These two little kittens had a start to life you could call pawsitively Dickensian. Sisters Persia and Fifi were rescued from an infanthood spent homeless on the streets of our region at just 8 weeks old, just as the weather was turning from chilly to life-threatening for animals left outdoors. Homeward Animal Shelter workers took them into the rescue, and…

Pet Connection: Meet the Cats

It's a cataract of cats in the metro.

Ferguson, the tailless feline, is just one of many cats and kittens who are cooling their heels over the holidays at Homeward Animal Shelter. The Manx cat shared the available space for animals at the shelter over the course of the past week or so with up to 105 cats at one point. Homeward’s Heather Klefstad said that as soon…