Pet Connection

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Cheddar

If it's not too cheesy, we'd like to say he's a very "gouda" boy.

Say cheese!!! When Cheddar the pit bull terrier showed up at the KVRR Morning Show and we waved him on in to the studio, he knew right what to do. That’s even though he couldn’t hear us calling his name. Because, being a deaf dog, Cheddar is used to recognizing hand gestures instead of verbal communication. He’s a quick study…

Pet Connection: Meet the Monitors

These cute little babies are going to need a lot of extra room someday.

Ah, babies. What’s not to love? They’re tiny, they’re cuddly, and they look to you for all the affection, education and life lessons they need to grow up big and strong someday. That’s true just as much for this pair of infant monitor lizards who are looking for their forever home. This tiny pair came into Kritter Krazy exotic pet…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Petunia

A sweet little flower that will make your heart bloom with love.

This Thanksgiving, we’ve got a lot to be thankful for on the Morning Show. One of the biggest reasons is that we’re introducing you to a brand new local pet rescue organization for our Pet Connection Thursdays. Petunia, a guinea pig, is the first pet we’re sharing from Kritter Krazy Animal Assistance Exotic and Reptile Rescue. She came in with…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Clown

He's guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

We don’t think he’s been to clown school. When it comes to charming an audience, Clown the orange tabby is a purely self-taught natural. The one-year-old came in to Homeward Animal Shelter recently with about 126 feline friends (no word on whether or not they were all riding in the same tiny little car) and joined Homeward’s Heather Klefstad for…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Jewls

Make your holidays sparkle.

If you’re looking to make the season shine a little brighter, not to mention get enough exercise to justify all the turkey and stuffing you’ll be eating. you’re going to want to bring Jewls home for the holidays. The nine-month old puppy with energy and love to burn came in to the Diamond in the Ruff rescue looking for love…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Virginia

She's an international star. So why can't this sweet girl find someone to love?

With a face like that, it’s no wonder she wound up an international sensation. Virginia is a beautiful, odd-eyed white and tan pit bull who found superstardom after being featured as one of the “one-der” dogs of the Fargo Brewing Company’s beer can campaign. The collaboration between the local brewer and local rescue 4 Luv of Dog is being shared…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Jubilee

Talk about a reason to party -- a new puppy!

Bring on the puppy party! Jubilee is a three-and-a-half-month-old puppy who came in to Diamond in the Ruff pet rescue with her sister. It’s somewhat unclear what breed or breeds she is, possibly part blue heeler, but either way, she’s a sweetheart. Very good with other dogs and with cats, as well as with kids and adults, she’s just looking…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Topaz (Again)

A shining treasure who's yet to be discovered.

Topaz is a treasure that’s so far remained unclaimed. The three-year-old cat cat came in to Adopt A Pet, from an area reservation, with a litter of several tiny kittens. She and one of her sons were featured on Pet Connection several months ago. All but one of the babies has been adopted out, but Topaz remains in foster care….

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Stella


Just like the iconic scene with Marlon Brando in “Streetcar Named Desire,” Stella could make you holler her name to the heavens — and that’s because people tend to shriek with delight every time they see her. She is a sweet and incredibly calm little mixed-breed puppy who came in to the Diamond in the Ruff animal rescue from a…

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Harrington

Want a kiss from a handsome young fellow? Harrington's your guy.

He may be only 12 weeks old, but handsome little Harrington already has his charm game down pat. The black domestic shorthair kitten came in to Homeward Animal Shelter from the local pound, and he’s hardly stopped purring since then. Harrington gets along with everybody, old friend or stranger. Homeward Animal Shelter’s Heather Klefstad accompanied him on his visit to…