LIVE: Bioblitz

You'd never guess all the amazing animals and plants we have right in our own backyards.

It’s been said that a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet — and, with the vast majority of birds, bees, butterflies and plants you probably never realized we have living right here in the Fargo metro area, that’s pretty much the case. This weekend, there’s a way you can get an introduction to each and every one…

Moorhead Police Sergeant to Run Fargo Marathon in Uniform

He's doing it to honor those killed in the line of duty

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Thousands of people will be running in the Fargo Marathon, and everyone has their own reason for taking part. Moorhead Police Sergeant Scott Kostohryz says his favorite part of running marathons, other than the finish line, is hearing the stories about why people participate. “Everyone’s got a reason to run. Nobody wakes in the morning and says, ‘I’m…

Construction on Main Ave. & 21st/20th St. to Start 24-Hour Work

Construction is nothing new in our area, but some residents in Moorhead will be hearing workers and machines around the clock

MOORHEAD, Minn.– Construction season is fully underway and you can expect plenty of detours throughout the summer. Work in Moorhead will have employees hammering throughout the night. Construction is nothing new in our area, but some residents in Moorhead will be hearing workers and machines around the clock. Starting June 4 the Moorhead railroad underpass project will have a new…

LIVE: The Jacob Wetterling Documentary

The case that changed childhood forever in our region.

If you’re under 40 and in the upper Midwest, you probably can’t imagine a time before Jacob Wetterling. But no matter how old you are, almost everyone here has felt the reverberations of shock, horror, and fear that went through Minnesota and North Dakota when the 11-year-old boy disappeared, snatched by a stranger at gunpoint, while he and some friends…

Fargo Antique, Gift Shop Stops Buying From China Because of Tariffs

President Trump raised tariffs from 10 to 25 percent on Friday

FARGO, N.D. — Donald Trump raised tariffs on Chinese exports from 10 to 25 percent. Now Beijing is retaliating by doing the same to American goods. It’s causing a Fargo woman to change her business plan for the first time in 20 years. “I didn’t ever plan on any of this but it started with a trip to China,” said…

Children’s Museum at Yunker Farms Offers Free Admission for Moms, Grandmas This Mother’s Day

  FARGO, N.D. — The Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm in Fargo celebrates Mother’s Day by also offering free admission to mothers and grandmothers. Admission to the red brick farmhouse is normally five dollars. Kids two years and under are always free. The museum offers interactive games for kids including a coin funnel, a cow they can milk and train rides….

LIVE: Pet Connection: Meet Waffles

A sweet treat for your Thursday Morning Pet Connection.

Waffles the English Pointer may be 77 in dog years, but he can still sweep a lady right off her feet. Literally, in the case of the Morning Show’s Emily Welker. Waffles came in to the studio with Homeward Animal Shelter’s Heather Klefstad to talk about adopting a senior dog and why in many ways it’s just as much fun…

Taking a Look at Domestic Violence in Fargo-Moorhead

Both the YWCA's Emergency Shelter and the Rape and Abuse Crisis Center's phone line are open 24 hours

FARGO, N.D. — Within the last week, Moorhead has had two standoffs. Police say they began with a woman becoming assaulted by her partner. But domestic violence doesn’t just happen overnight. “It might start out as a ‘I’m doing this out of love or out of care for you or of concern. I can do this for you, you don’t need…

Moorhead Police Identify Robbery Suspect

Police are searching for 51-year-old Robert Evans

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Moorhead police identify the suspect in a Gate City Bank robbery. They say this man, 51-year-old Robert Evans, went into the Azool Hornbacher’s, went up to the bank teller and gave the employee a note demanding money. It happened last Wednesday shortly after 5:30 pm. Evans has outstanding warrants out of West Virginia. Police don’t believe he…