Morning – In The Studio

LIVE: BĒT Vodka Turns Red River Sugar Beets Into Spirits

Minneapolis-Based Vodka Uses Local Beets For Unique Spirit

  Ben Brueshoff, founder of BĒT Vodka, joins both Adam and Emily because they both wanted in on this segment. BĒT Vodka is a Minneapolis-based spirit that’s been out for about two years. It’s pronounced “beet”, as in sugar beet. That’s because the vodka is made from sugar beets grown right here in the Red River Valley. Brueshoff says the vodka…

MORNING BUZZ: PETA Wants Meat-Based Sayings Changed

Will "Don't Feed A Fed Horse" Stick?

  Bringing home the broccoli? Veganism could send popular meat-based sayings to the chopping block. PETA wants phrases like “bringing home the bacon”, and “killing two birds with one stone” gone. The group wants to replace them when phrases like “bringing home the bagels”, and “feed two birds with one scone.” Rising veganism, and concern for animal rights, causing many…

LIVE: Mental Health Help for Students

Reaching children in rural parts of our region, one day at a time.

It’s tough for some parents to imagine, but kids as young as elementary-school age can struggle with serious mental health issues. And in rural parts of North Dakota, accessing mental health help can be tough — with or without the stigma that still attaches to mental health problems. That’s something United Way of Cass-Clay is trying to help. A pilot…

LIVE: SBA Head Tours Fargo Small Businesses

It's a big day for business in the world, and for small business in Fargo.

They may be small today. But every major corporation in America had to start somewhere, and most of them started as small businesses once upon a time. Linda McMahon got her start as the leader and co-creator of a small regional business that today is the multinational organization known as the World Wrestling Federation. Now, she serves as part of…

LIVE: Christkindlmarkt Brings Traditional European Christmas To Fargo

Old World Christmas Feel Comes To Fargo

  A traditional Christmas celebration is hopping across the pond and coming to Fargo. Simone Wai with Folkways joins Adam to talk about the 2nd annual Christkindlmarkt celebration this holiday season. “Christkindlmarkt” is a mouthful, but it’s a lot of fun to say. Wai explains the roots of the name. 60 Christmas trees will light up outside the Stone Building…

LIVE: Keep Your Holiday Shopping Local With Small Business Saturday

Dozens Of Local Businesses Teaming Up For Holiday Deals

  This is the biggest weekend of the year for small businesses in the F/M area. Small Business Saturday is November 24th, and Melissa Rademacher, President and CEO of the Downtown Community Partnership, joins Adam to tell people why they should save some their holiday spending for local businesses. Dozens of downtown businesses are holding sales for Small Business Saturday….

LIVE: Help Homeless Kids Get The Christmas They Deserve

Golden Drive's Christmas Gift Drive Runs Through December 7th

  The dynamo herself, Golden Drive’s Sue Baron joins KVRR Local News to talk about her group’s Christmas Gift Event. Golden Drive is collecting new toys and baby supplies at locations throughout the metro, including KVRR studios at 1401 9th Avenue S. in Fargo. Starting this weekend, you can also donate at the Light Show on Parkway Lane. Homeowner Jen…

LIVE: Big Blue Couch Coaching

Don't forget the most important person on your holiday list: yourself.

By now you probably feel like the task of things you need to do for the holiday season is as full as it can possibly get. What with cooking and cleaning and decorating and travel for Thanksgiving straight through the holidays up until New Year’s, you may feel as if you don’t have a minute to sit down, let alone…

LIVE: Coping With Loss Over The Holidays

Bereavement Specialist Helps People Deal With Loss During Holiday Season

  Connie DeKrey, bereavement specialist with Hospice of the Red River Valley, joins Adam with tips on how to cope with loss during the holiday season. Loss can be felt more severely during the holidays. A joyous time can bring out greater feelings of loss and hopelessness. DeKrey says it’s important to manage your energy well during the holidays. They…

LIVE: World Diabetes Day Helps Unite People Dealing With Lifelong Disease

World Diabetes Day In November 14th

  JDRF Volunteer Advocate and mother to a daughter with type one diabetes Danelle Johnson joins Adam to spread the word about World Diabetes Day. World Diabetes Day is celebrated on November 14th, the birthday of Frederick Banting, who, along with Charles Best and John James Rickard Macleod, first conceived the idea which led to the discovery of insulin in 1922….