Morning – In The Studio

LIVE: Out of the Darkness Walk

Finding a little light to lead your way out of the darkness.

It’s a difficult subject, and a dark place to find yourself in. And strange as it may seem, to some people, talking about suicidal thoughts and mental health struggles may be almost as scary as actually going through them. That’s why, for years now, the activists from Out of the Darkness Fargo-Moorhead area walk have been working to save lives…

LIVE: Fargo and West Fargo United

Make your first meeting with local police a happy one.

When you come face to face with members of the local police force, it’s often times not under the best of circumstances. This weekend, Fargo and West Fargo police are looking to change that. They’re holding a family–friendly event, this Friday and Saturday night, to get some face time with the folks in their community who they work to keep…

LIVE: Honor Flight Prepares for Takeoff

The fall flight is just weeks away, and you can help them achieve liftoff.

The fall Honor Flight that will bring many of the region’s veterans to see the Washington, D.C. and the monuments that honor them is only a few weeks away. For many of these veterans, the nation’s capital is a sight they’ve never seen before. And for a few, it may be their final chance to do so. One of this…

LIVE: Bridge Bash Growing This Year

Fargo Joins Annual Student Welcome Party For The First Time

A welcome event for area college students is bigger than ever this year. They’d need to close an entire bridge for it, if it weren’t already closed. The annual Bridge Bash is usually just part of Greater Moorhead Days, but Fargo is joining in the fun this year. Organizers tell us that means this year’s bash will be twice as…

LIVE: HOPE Inc. to International Youth Sled Hockey Tourney

Take Two of the Miracle on Ice.

American hockey players versus Russian players almost always equals a scintillating time on the ice. And this time around, HOPE Inc. is amping up the excitement. That’s because for the first time ever, their standout adaptive athletes are invited to face off against Russia as well as the top American youth teams in the first-ever International Youth Sled Hockey Tournament….

LIVE: Planetary Symphony at the Plains Art Museum

Now in a frequency we can actually hear.

The silent music of the celestial spheres is something we’ve wondered about for as long as humans have been watching the skies above. Holst tried to capture its sound in his “The Planets,” but for something that’s based on real science, head on over to the Plains Art Museum instead. Musician/scientists are capturing the vibrations of the planets, and they’re…

LIVE: International Vulture Awareness Day

You can see these extraordinary creatures soaring high all over the metro -- but we got to see one up close and personal.

This time of year, if you’re lucky, you might look up to the sky to spot a huge, majestic, dark-winged bird circling above the metro near the riverfront. And chances are, you’ll assume it’s an eagle. Chances are, it’s actually a turkey vulture, one of the most maligned and misunderstood animals in the region. Vultures are scavengers, meat-eaters which feed…

LIVE: Deadly Labor Day Weekend for Drivers

Don't be the next victim of a Labor Day crash.

This long labor day weekend is already a deadly one for North Dakota drivers. Three people have died so far this holiday weekend in crashes across the state, and the rush to get home before work starts Tuesday morning is not yet over. Troopers say it’s too early to attribute a common cause to the string of fatalities. However, there…

LIVE: Fight Type 1 Diabetes With JDRF

JDRF Annual One Walk Set For September 14th

  Join the fight to end type one diabetes with JDRF. Their One Walk to end type one is Saturday, September 14th at Scheels Arena. Hundreds will walk from the arena to raise awareness money for type one diabetes research. JDRF ambassadors Priscilla Boman and Sam Erdmann joined the KVRR morning show. They told us how important JDRF is to…

LIVE: Making Life Easier For Farmers Selling And Buying Equipment

Big Iron Auctions Expanding Into Region

  Our farmers have been dealing with a hard year: trade war troubles, bad weather. Now a new business is in the region ready to make life a little easier for producers. Big Iron Auctions, not to be confused with the Big Iron Farm Show, is a Nebraska-based company that recently expanded to North Dakota and Western Minnesota. They do…