Morning – In The Studio

LIVE: 1st Fargo Taco Fest

Tacos And Tequila Take Over September 8th

Alex Stock with Jade Presents joins us with the details on the first ever Fargo Taco Fest. 10 local restaurants will be selling street tacos at Fargo Brewing Company on September 8th. You can also buy a tequila tasting ticket which gets you samples of a variety of spirits, including a $600 bottle of Don Julio tequila. You can join…

LIVE: Sleep Tips For Students

Sanford Pediatric Sleep Specialist Tells Us How To Balance Sleep And Studies

  Dr. Setty Arveity, a Pediatric Sleep Specialist at Sanford, tells us how to make sure our teens and college students get enough sleep now that school has started. Dr. Setty says most students don’t have trouble adjusting to earlier schedules during the school year, but if there is a problem, he offers some tips. The first method is widely…

LIVE: Tow to Go for Labor Day Weekend

Get home in one piece with the help of AAA.

Travel experts are bracing themselves for a busy weekend out on the roads this Labor Day. The unofficial end of summer combined with predictions of pleasant weather, the return of students for the new semester, the beginning of tailgating, a three-day weekend, and an expected dip in gas prices means travelers are likely to be out on the roads in…

LIVE: Out of the Darkness

13 years of raising awareness and saving lives.

It’s something we don’t like to talk about, but silence, when it comes to suicide, can be deadly. And every year, right here in the metro, there’s a safe and supportive place to talk about it for families who have been touched by the tragedy of suicide. It’s called the Fargo/Moorhead Out of the Darkness Community Walk, and it was…

Melinda’s Garden: Noxious Weeds

Get them before they get you first.

Weeds are proliferating even as we speak. Between the off and on rain, the warm weather and the intermittent sunshine, we’re raising a bumper crop of unwanted garden guests as summer turns to fall. But as you pull on your garden gloves and don your hat to do battle with the green invaders, are you sure which ones you should…

LIVE: Boy Scouts of America Becoming More Inclusive

Girls And Kindergartners Welcomed To Scouts For The First Time

  Kevin Mehrer, District Director for the Northern Light Council of the Boy Scouts of America joins Adam to talk about some big changes in local scouting. Starting this fall, girls will be able to join Boy Scouts for the first time. Elementary school-aged girls will form their own dens, but meet with male Cub Scouts twice a month. Older…

Island Park Show

Come make some art as you wrap up summer at one of the community's biggest events.

Summer’s end is bittersweet for many of us, and this weekend there’s a way to help wrap it up that’s more sweet than bitter — the Island Park Show. Held in the shade of downtown Fargo’s Island Park, the show features opportunities to shop for arts and crafts from more than a hundred local and regional artists, artisans and craftspersons….

Promoting STEM Skills With Your Kids

YouTube Star and Science Educator Hank Green Shares Tips on How to Promote STEM

  YouTube star, author and science educator Hank Green joins Adam and Marshall to talk about how we can promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) skills for kids, just in time for the school year to start. Hanks talks about what parents can do to encourage curiosity in their kids, what value STEM skills have in the workplace, some jobs people…

LIVE: Solar Probe Event at the Library

Watch the sun through special telescopes that you can check out and take home!

NASA scientists are in the midst of making history with the launch of the Parker Probe. The probe will get closer to the sun than any man-made object in history, and now, there’s a way you and your family can experience it firsthand. Head on over to the Fargo public library for a presentation on the solar probe by an…

LIVE: Be A Mentor In Schools

Big Brothers/Big Sisters Looking For School-Based Mentors

  Big Brothers/Big Sisters Program Director Susan Smith joins Adam to talk about the need for school-based mentors in Fargo/Moorhead ahead of the school year starting. The organization is looking for 30-40 more volunteers. Bigs spend an hour a week at a local school with their little doing a variety of activities. Some matches last for years and even transition…