Morning – In The Studio

LIVE: Moorhead’s American Legion Post 21 Celebrates 100 Years

Legion Hosting a Full Weekend of Festivities To Commemorate 100 Years

  Scott Moen with the American Legion Post 21 tells us about a weekend full of fun event honoring 100 years in the community. He estimates the American Legion has poured more than one million dollars in the local community. Festivities run Friday through Sunday at the Legion Hall at 303 30th St. N, in Moorhead. Check out the entire…

LIVE: Erasing School Lunch Debt

You can help local families by keeping school lunch debt out of the hands of collections agents.

We all know kids who are stressed because they’re hungry can’t concentrate enough to learn well in school. But for some families, the stress of paying for school lunches lasts long after school’s out for summer. Districts that struggle under the burden of unpaid school lunch debt have now started to turn that debt over to collections agencies. That can…

LIVE: Moon Rocks Land In Fargo

Fargo Public Library Hosting Actual Moon Rocks Friday

  They’re over the Moon at the Fargo Public Library over the opportunity to share actual moon rocks and meteorite pieces with the community. The library is hosting real moon rocks this Friday from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. for the Rockin’ On and Spacin’ Out event. They partnered with the North Dakota State Library to display the rare cosmic…

Live: Learn From A World Champion On National Yo-Yo Day

Yo-Yo World Champion John Narum Hosting Yo-Yo Workshop June 6th

  June 6th is National Yo-Yo Day. Game Giant in downtown Fargo is hosting Fargo’s own world champion yo-yo artist, John Narum, for a celebration of yo-yo’s. He’s joining other local yo-yo artists for a performance at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, with a workshop afterward. The event is free and open to everyone. The store is located at 626 2nd Ave N….

LIVE: Traveling Equine Vet

Would you rather hoof it to the vet? Or let her come to you?

A Sheldon, North Dakota veterinarian is doing what she can to mitigate the shortage of equine vets in our region by taking her clinic on the road. Veterinarian Dr. Charley Stansbery started her mobile equine clinics earlier this spring, bringing the vet clinic to the horse, rather than the other way around. They’ve been so popular in the region, the…

LIVE: Polka Fest

It's a veritable polka-palooza, and it's coming up.

Break out the floor wax and roll out the beer barrel, because Polka Fest is this weekend, and it’s one of the biggest draws in the region for festival-goers from all over the country. It got its start a mere six years ago in Hankinson, North Dakota, and now it’s attracting dancers from 21 different states from all over the…

LIVE: Researcher Discovers Fish Species Live Really, Really Long Lives

Big Mouth Buffalo Fish Can Live 80+ Years Longer Than We Used To Think

  An NDSU PhD researcher discovered species of fish here in our region lives much longer than we previously thought. And that discovery could have drastic consequences in our wildlife management. Alec Lackmann discovered the Bigmouth Buffalo Fish can live well past 100 years old. He researched fish from 12 different populations in Minnesota. Before, the oldest known example was…

LIVE: More Than 500 Dogs Competing At F/M Kennel Club Show

Dogs Represent 100 Different Breeds

  The Fargo-Moorhead Kennel Club is hosting more than 500 dogs from about 100 different breeds this weekend for the annual All Breed Conformation Dog Show. The dogs will be judged on how well they conform to their breed standards in a variety of ways. Kennel Club officials describe it as a smaller version of the Westminster Dog Show. In…

LIVE: Canoe Parade Workshop

Are you ready to hit the river?

Are you ready to hit the water for summer recreation fun? Or is your upper-body strength still a little soggy after our long, cold winter huddled indoors? Instead, you can flex your creative muscles before you flex your rowing muscles, with a canoe art event for the whole family. It’s a way to inspire you to get out on the…