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LIVE: Mission: Lifeline Stroke

"Mission: Lifeline Stroke" Aims To Improve Stroke Awareness And Treatment In N.D.

May is National Stroke Awareness Month. Strokes are the 5th leading cause of death in the U.S. according to the CDC. Janna Pietrzak is the director of “Mission: Lifeline Stroke” for the American Heart Association. It’s a three-year plan to improve stroke awareness and treatment in North Dakota. She joins KVRR’s Adam Ladwig to talk about the program, how to…

Social Distancing: Persevering Through Pandemic Disappointment

We Get A Great Lesson In Perspective As We Face Disappointment After Disappointment As A Result Of Social Distancing

  In the name of social distancing and staying safe, a lot of us are having to give up a lot of things. There are events and milestones people have been looking forward to for years in some cases, like graduations, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. And you know, it sucks, even if you understand why it’s important to hold off…

Social Distancing: Popping Wheelies In Your Stroller

Plus We Check In On The All Hockey Hair Team As They Let Their Lettuce Flow Without Barbers

  I miss sports. Thankfully one of the biggest high school tournaments in the region wrapped up in early March before everything shut down, the Minnesota State High School League hockey tournament. And maybe the best part of the tournament is all that flowing hockey hair. Game On! Minnesota immortalizes the flow every year with the All Hockey Hair Team….

LIVE: Preserve Your COVID-19 Stories For Future Historians

State Historical Society Needs Your Help Showing How North Dakotans Lived Through Pandemic

  We’re living in a unique time in history, and your stories from the coronavirus pandemic could be part of the historical record researchers study generations from now. The North Dakota State Historical Society is asking the public to document the pandemic. People can send in anything from pictures and videos to written accounts of life during this time. They…

Social Distancing: Spay-ghetti And No Balls Lunch Goes Online

Show Off Social Distance Spaghetti To Help Spay And Neuter Local Shelter Animals

  More and more businesses could be opening their doors this weekend, but it’s still a good idea to be safe and practice social distancing when you’re going out. I’ve been wearing a mask every time I have to go shopping. But you also want to have some fun with it. So my girlfriend and I got matching polka dot…

LIVE: Getting A ‘Quarantine Cut’

Fortunately, with a few Youtube tutorials, and somebody who has your best interest at heart, you may not have to go months without a haircut.

FARGO, ND – These past few weeks have had us adjust to a number of lifestyle changes, and give up a few luxuries we usually take for granted, such as professional haircuts. Fortunately, with a few Youtube tutorials, and somebody who has your best interest at heart, you may not have to go months without a haircut. Unfortunately for me,…

LIVE: Virtual Spay and Neuter Party

Since your pets keep jumping into your Zoom meetings already anyway.

Pets have been called some of the only beneficiaries of the need for social distancing, because when you stay home from work all day, you’re staying with them. And now, they can lend a paw to other pets and pet parents to raise funds for spay and neuter awareness. The Spayghetti and No-Balls lunch is one of Homeward Animal Shelter’s…

Social Distancing: Supporting Local Favorites

Viewers Are Telling Us The Businesses They're Supporting During COVID-19

  On Monday we asked you to highlight your favorite local places who are still offering takeout or delivery. A lot of restaurants are struggling right now, and we can still help them out while staying safe. Jason told us about one of his favorites on Twitter. He says, “I live here in Fergus Falls. The small restaurant that I…

LIVE: How To Best Spend Your Stimulus Check

Get Tips On The Best Way To Use Your Money To Stimulate The Economy

  People are starting to get their federal stimulus checks tonight. Once you get that money, what’s the best way to spend it? Most adults will get $1,200 with $500 extra for each child. Paul Meyers with Legacy Wealth Management says the first thing you should do is make sure your bills and living expenses are covered. But if you’re…