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Thinking Green: Rain Barrels

What's more fun than a barrel of monkeys? A barrel of free water for the garden, of course.

You know the saying, “too much of a good thing”? Living in this region we know what that’s like — like when we’re having too much rain, for example. But if you can figure out a way to store it, then the rainy weather we’ve had lately is a lot easier to deal with. Find out how to make rain…

Ask Danny: Stains on Wood Floors

You'll be floored by how easy some of his tips for quick fixes can be.

Getting stains out of clothes is tough. Getting stains off of floors is a nightmare. Danny Lipford wakes us up with some tips on how to repair stained wood floors in this morning’s Ask Danny.   Categories: Morning – Features

Melinda’s Garden Moment: Uncommon Trees

Try uncommon trees for disease resistance and variety.

  Try uncommon trees for disease resistance and variety. The Katsura tree’s blue-green leaves flutter in the wind and turn a clear yellow in fall when you may even notice a faint smell of cookies. The musclewood is a small scale shade tolerant tree. Its smooth gray bark, unique flowers and fruit along with the yellow, orange or red fall…

Thinking Green: Radiant Heating

You'll be radiant with new knowledge about the benefits.

Believe it or not, someday soon we will get to the point where we’re going to want to turn the heat back on at night. Remember a few years ago, when we got that frost warning in mid-August? Cover your home heating needs as well as your tomatoes when that happens. Here’s the way to do it green, with Danny…

Melinda’s Garden Moment: Fighting Gray Mold

You want color and variety in your garden. So something called Gray Mold can really dampen the vibrancy of your flowers.

  Brown buds that fail to open on peonies and some roses, especially the white and pink flowered varieties is likely the result of Botrytis Blight also known as Gray Mold. This fungal disease is most common in cool rainy as well as humid weather. The disease attacks a variety of ornamental and edible plants and often is specific to…

Ask Danny: Finding a Contractor

Spacing out over picking a contractor? Here's some help.

During the pandemic, making the choice about who you want to let into your space is more critical than ever. And it’s putting a new pressure on people to pick the right contractor. Danny Lipford lets us in on some handy tips to find the right handy help in this week’s Ask Danny. Categories: Morning – Features

Melinda’s Garden Moment: Mulch

Learn some tips to get the most from your mulch in this week's Melinda's Garden Moment

  Mulching new plantings helps conserve moisture and suppress weeds that compete for water and nutrients. But spreading mulch around small transplants can be a bit tedious. And if not done carefully can end up damaging your plants. Make it easier with one of these two techniques. Start by preparing the soil and removing existing weeds. Cover the area with…

Thinking Green: LED Lighting

Don't be led astray. Find out more about developing light technologies.

LEDs have been on the market for awhile, but engineers are coming up with new ways all the time to light up our lives in greener and greener ways. Danny lipford shows us why LED technology is still a bright shining light for green technology in today’s Thinking Green. Categories: Morning – Features

Ask Danny: CFL Bulbs

Danny Lipford's shedding some light on the subject.

We’re finally past the summer solstice this morning. And that means the daylight out there is starting to grow less and less from this morning on. Find out whether CFL bulbs are what you want for your home in this morning’s Ask Danny. Categories: Morning – Features

Melinda’s Garden: Invite Hummingbirds To Your Yard

Invite some guests to your home that you won't mind spending time with while we're social distancing.

  Invite some guests to your home that you won’t mind spending time with while we’re social distancing. We tell you how to bring hummingbirds to your yard in this week’s Melinda’s Garden Moment. Bring the hummingbirds into your garden and keep them happy with a season-long supply of their favorite nectar plants. Early blooming lungwort is a shade tolerant…