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Thinking Green: Post-Consumer Recycling

Shop smart to save the planet.

We know it’s important that we put recyclables in the recycling bin instead of chucking it into the trash. But you have to support the process on the other end, too. Danny Lipford takes a look at post consumer recycled products in this week’s Thinking Green. Categories: Morning – Features

Ask Danny: Keeping Basements Dry

Another round of storms and rain on the way tonight. Make sure you stay dry.

This story is going to come in really handy this morning. Especially with all the street flooding we’re seeing from Sunday overnight into Monday morning storms. Danny Lipford lets us in on some timely tips to keep water out of your basement in this morning’s Ask Danny. Categories: Morning – Features

Melinda’s Garden: Grow Vertical

Grow plants that will make Jack and his beanstalk blush

  Grow plants that will make Jack and his beanstalk blush. We’re getting vertical in this week’s Melinda’s Garden Moment. Change your garden perspective. Include a few tall plants in the landscape and start looking skyward. This large castor bean provides bold texture in the garden. The leaves can grow up to 3 feet across and the plant grows 5…

Making the Metro a Welcome Place for All with Moorhead Mayor Johnathan Judd

Through all of the unrest and uneasiness, Moorhead Mayor Johnathan Judd has been a calm voice.

MOORHEAD, Minn. – It’s been a tough week and a half for a lot of people we’ve talked with and heard from both in our region, and around the country. Throughout all the unrest and the uneasiness in our community last week, an articulate and calming voice rose through the noise: Mayor Johnathan Judd’s. While criminal justice reform was obviously a…

Thinking Green: Low-Flow Showers

Go with the flow and go green around the home.

If you’re heading in to work after a nice long weekend playing outdoors for Memorial Day, you know the quality of your morning shower is essential. Hey — gotta wash the barbecue smoke out of your hair before you go in, right? But you’re probably wondering whether a low flow shower head can get the dirty deed done right, or…

Ask Danny: Fixing Nail Pops

Problems pop up. Smack 'em back down again.

It’s the unofficial start of the summer season, and the unofficial start “to doing all kinds of DIY projects around the house” season. Danny Lipford lets us in on one of his many handy tips for problems that pop up in your home’s drywall in this week’s Ask Danny.   Categories: Morning – Features

Melinda’s Garden Moment: Training Your Tomatoes

Tailor Your Growing Methods To What Kind Of Tomatoes You Want

  Can’t wait for that first red ripe tomato? Or maybe you want an abundant harvest. Select the training method that helps you meet your gardening goals. Allow tomatoes to sprawl across the ground for the largest, though latest harvest. Unfortunately, many of the tomatoes are lost to disease, insects, and gardeners’ feet when weeding and harvesting. Or place a…

Thinking Green: Living Off the Land

Declare victory in our quest to help the environment.

There’s been a resurgence this morning all across the region of interest in victory gardens. It’s the practice adopted by a lot of Americans during World War II of growing your own produce at home. Danny Lipford shows us how easy it is to get started growing goodies at home that aren’t just good for you, they’re good for the…

Ask Danny: Fixing Asphalt Cracks

Smoothing out the trouble spots with Danny Lipford.

This seemed like the winter and spring that would never end. And now that the weather’s finally warmed up, you’re probably seeing a lot of weather damage around your home. Home improvement expert Danny Lipford show us how to tackle one of the top trouble spots in today’s Ask Danny. Categories: Morning – Features

Melinda’s Garden Moment: Strawberries

Save space and add some color to the landscape with a bed of strawberries.

  They can be a tricky fruit to grow, but the offer some of the sweetest rewards for a job well done. Save space and add some color to the landscape with a bed of strawberries. We added to the ornamental appeal by growing our strawberries in this star shaped raised bed. Consider using the matted row planting and training…