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App of the Week: Thunderly

In the thick of severe weather season, the timing couldn't be better.

In the middle of summer, there’s almost no force on earth that can get us out of the boat or off the golf course. But there is a force ABOVE earth — and that’s severe weather, complete with lightning strikes, headed our way. We’re in the middle of severe weather season now, and there’s a way to track not just…

Thinking Green: Solar Shade Cloth

We're throwing shade at environmentally unfriendly home cooling solutions.

When the rain clouds clear up and the puddles go away, sooner or later, it’s going to get hot around here. And that means it’s time to start breaking out the sunglasses and pouring out the sunscreen. Give your house a little sun protection too with a green-friendly solution to sun exposure and heat gain in this week’s Thinking Green.

From Boston to the Red River Valley: Mayor’s Conference

From small hometowns to major cities, they're meeting in Boston about our futures.

There’s a lot at stake this election day up and down the Red River, with a number of local elections being decided this June 12th election day. While we’re headed to polls the make up our minds about the change at hand, mayors from all over the country from cities both large and small are headed to Boston for the…

Melinda’s Garden: Scale

Scale back their assault on your prized plants.

A thriving garden is in everybody’s best interests. Unfortunately, that also includes bugs. And not all bugs in the garden are in your best interests. As a matter of fact, some of them are downright nasty to your prized plantings. Melinda Myers shows us how to deal with oyster shell scale in this week’s Melinda’s Garden.

Tech Tip Today: DesignEvo

A couple clicks and you've got yourself a logo.

Design takes talent, time and skill — there’s a reason people go to school to learn it as a profession. But if you aren’t blessed with any of those things, it doesn’t mean your organization has to go without a logo. Francie Black shows you how to use a program that’ll help you create in this week’s Tech Tip Today.

App of the Week: Unfriended

Game on.

There’s almost nothing that hurts more than being dropped by a friend. Unless, of course, it’s on Facebook, in which case it’s an opportunity to play super-sleuth and see who did it, what likely caused it, and respond accordingly. Francie Black flexes her snooping muscles for us and gets to the bottom of how you can find out who’s defriended…

Thinking Green: Scrap Lumber into Mulch

It's getting hot out there. Get some hot tips on keeping your plants cool and green.

As the mercury inches ever closer to the 90 mark this summer, your plants are going to need some help keeping their cool. One of the best ways to retain moisture in the soil around their roots is mulch. Here’s a way you can go green when it comes to being green in the landscaping department. Find out how scrap…

Ask Danny: Finding Studs

Adam's got some ideas.

While Adam has volunteered his services, some of us are looking for studs more of the architectural variety. And let’s face it, finding a stud can be a real hassle, especially if you’re trying to go through shower tile. Check out the studs in your shower with this week’s Ask Danny.

Melinda’s Garden: Broccoli Flowers

A broccoli by any other name would smell as sweet, but not without a flower on it.

Broccoli can be a divisive vegetable. You either love it or you’ve never had it roasted with a sprinkle of olive oil, garlic and sea salt on top. Even if you don’t hate broccoli, you might come to hate it if all the broccoli you planted in your veggie garden failed to set flowers — the part of the plant…

Tech Tip Today: Google Keep

What good is a list if you can't keep it with you?

If  you think losing a list of all the stuff you have to do, buy, remember, and give to someone else because you don’t have your smartphone handy is the end of life as you know it, you’re not alone. Making lists and taking notes is a lifeline in our busy lifestyles. Now there’s a way you can sync them…