Ben needs a job.
He just moved to Fargo, and his unique quest for employment is being seen around the city.

We interviewed him about his quest to get a job interview for himself.
Ben Merritt came to Fargo at the start of August pretty much on a whim, after a couple buddies recommended the city.
"They had nothing but nice things to say about the area, and I looked into it, and I couldn't disagree," says Merritt.
He has no master plan, except to find a job.

How does he plan to do that?

By advertising himself on a billboard.
"It's not bad," he admits. "It was a quick throw-together for me."
His smiling face greeting drivers on electronic billboards throughout the city.
"This is definitely one of the biggest things I've done personally," Merritt claims.
Multiple billboards in Fargo have been showing his message for about 10 days, and he's getting leads.
He adds, "I wouldn't say a bunch, but I've gotten a lot more than I've expected originally."
This definitely isn't a normal way to hunt for a job, but if you look at Ben's resume, you'll see it's right up his alley.
"It's kind of in my wheelhouse," Merritt claims. "I've got social media and marketing in my background."
To help with the search, we asked Ben a few questions he might hear during an interview.
We asked why any company should hire him.

He responds, "Well, I'm getting media exposure from the get-go, right?"
He's already gotten interest from places as varied as radio stations.
He adds, "They did say I had a nice voice on the phone."
And ag companies.
Merritt adds, "One guy called about whether or not I knew anything about the farming industry and I basically told him I know how to mow the lawn."
The uncertainty may be stressful for the average person.

But Ben has a different perspective.

He survived cancer as a teenager.

After overcoming something so serious, being temporarily unemployed can be seen as more of an adventure.
He explains, "You gotta see what the world throws at you and sometimes you have to make your own opportunities, and this'll probably be one of those opportunities that I'm making myself."
You're probably wondering how much money it costs to rent space on a billboard, especially if you're unemployed.

Ben says he's paying about $1,500 a month for the billboard.

But he says he has enough money saved up to go about three months without a job.