Grand Forks Community Protests Evangelist

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A group of people in Grand Forks are coming together to stand up against an evangelist who they say is spreading hate against Muslims.
The man says he isn’t spreading hate, but the truth.

Over 100 people silently protested outside of the Empire Arts Center in downtown Grand Forks.
They say Islam isn’t a religion of hate, but that’s not how Usama Dakdok sees it.
Many in the Grand Forks community stood together holding signs of peace to protest Usama Dakdok’s presentation.

Dakdok is a minister who travels throughout the United States
and preaches to Muslims to try and show them Jesus Christ.
Through his research into the Islamic holy book, he says he has found that the religion has a major flaw.
“If you read the Quran, you see Allah in the Quran said to behead the Christian, to behead the Jew, to take the women and children as concubines as slaves. What do you think of ISIS?” said Dakdok.
Dakdok says if there are nice Muslims who aren’t terrorists, they are ignorant of their religion.
Many who took part in the protest disagree.
“My family is Christian, I’m Muslim and I have just love for my family. I have love for my partner here Sarah and even you know some of my best friends even they’re Jewish,” said Bailey Bubach with North Dakotans For Interfaith Acceptance.
Organizers say they put this protest together in less than a week and they’re surprised at the turnout.
“It’s honestly very surprising. We’re very honored that everybody is in support of this, that’s here and also we have people who are in support that couldn’t make it tonight,” said Bubach.
Not everyone who showed up at the arts center came to protest.
“We have to make a choice, do we want to go to Heaven or Hell, and he’s speaking truth,” said Garry Novak Sr. of Grand Forks.
Many also held signs to show their support of their Muslim neighbor hoping any hate towards anyone comes to an end.
Dakdok says he hopes people learn about Islam and what he says is its true intentions.
But others disagree because they say his message is spreading hate.