Swim Competition Brings Best In State

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North Dakota’s best swimmers come out for the State Short Course Championship at UND.

700 swimmers from across the state are competing for their chance to go to nationals.

Ready, set, dive! After training long hours during the season for this special moment, one swimmer recalls her start.

Swimmer Ally Nilles says, “I could barely swim when I started and now I almost take it for granted that I can make it to the end of the pool every time.”

Another remembers the influential swimmers she’s crossed paths with and pays it forward.

Swimmer Shaelyn Mosher says, “The older kids you just look up to and you just try helping the younger kids because you know how much that means to you.”

The State Short Course Championship is the largest swim meet in North Dakota where swimmers ages 6 through 18 compete in 6 individual events and 4–relays.

Meet Referee Matt Nilles says, “It’s the highlight of our swimmer season and it’s an opportunity for them to come together, compete and celebrate their achievements over the year.”

In order to qualify, swimmers had to meet nationally published time standards requiring grueling preparation.

Swim Coach Bryan Walls says, “You got to be aerobically fit, cross country, cycling and there’s also a lot of technique involved.

Anyone can do a backstroke or freestyle swim but it’s a winning mindset that is key.

Walls adds, “Give everything a shot. Try everything. Do your best in the pool. Do your best at practice.”

When this is competition is over, some will move onto the nationals while others will hang–up their caps for the season.

Ally adds, “During my downtime I really enjoy Netflix or Youtube and just trying to recover for last practice and get ready for the next.”

Grand Forks Convention and Visitors Bureau partnered with the meet providing food, drinks and gifts for swimmers, coaches and officials.