Fargo Proclaims Everyone Matter’s Day

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 Fargo participates in a powerful national campaign to promote acceptance.

Teachers, neighbors and city officials put together a video of “I AM selfies” to raise awareness of Everyone Matter’s Day on April 2nd.

The Everyone Matter’s Day “I AM selfie campaign” is gaining attention all across the country.

Minneapolis resident Charlie Schumer says, “I thought it was very good to show that everyone has something about them that they can share and say this is who I am, this is what I care about.”

Others liked how it displayed a wide range of people showing the diversity in Fargo.

Fargo resident Kiesha Brown says, “It was just everyone like firemen, Indian women, official people and little kids. It was fun.”

Mayor Tim Mahoney joined the ranks of city mayors across the country in proclaiming an “Everyone Matter’s Day” here in Fargo.

Mahoney says, “It’s the idea that everyone matters. That we should respect each other and give everyone dignity and respect regardless who they are, what they do and trying to make it so our community is all embracing.”

Mahoney wants to encourage people to accept others and themselves as well as celebrating individuality and uniqueness.

He says, “We’re looking at right now is becoming an urban center. We’re getting bigger. There’s things happening that we have to look about how can we all get along and decrease turmoil or strife between us. So the reason I embrace Everyone Matter’s is because I want everyone to know that. They’re a really important part of the community.”

Everyone Matter’s Day is April 2 and you can join in on the celebration.

He adds, “We’d like people to put selfies out there just whatever matters to them and what they think is important to them.”

You can post your “#IAM selfies” on the City of Fargo’s Facebook page.

And for those social media shy…

Schumer says, “I would say that I am unique.”

Brown says, “I think I would say either I am forgiving or I am blessed.”

The City of Fargo invites you to celebrate Everyone Matter’s Day in the making of a tree of hands on April 2 at 10:30 am at the Main Library downtown.