More Brand for your Buck

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People in F–M area are getting paid for cleaning out their closets.

Reselling clothes, shoes and accessories is becoming more of a trend.

For Leah Lundquist, her closet is overflowing.She goes on what some people are calling a Closet diet. That means she sells her slightly–used brand–named clothes at resale stores like Clothes Mentor.

“I’ll just sell it back here and I’ll get money right on the spot and I don’t have to wait. It’s great, very convenient,” said Lundquist.

And for these shoppers, it’s easier than having a garage sale.

Mary Klabo who also shops at Clothes Mentor said, “Pack up your stuff, bring it here instead of having to sit at your house for the whole weekend and like I said, you’ll be surprised what you’ll actually get for your clothes.”

Clothes are determined by things like style, labels and condition. If you do buy from the store, you’re getting the best,”brand for your buck.”

Store Manager Shantelle Peterson said,“People are really being more fiscally responsible. Clothes Mentor makes a lot of sense, you’re selling your items and you’re buying like new items at a fraction of the price”.”

Those who end up selling their items say they usually walk out with a new wardrobe.

“I really love shopping, I come here first, so everything that I buy usually has the new tag on it and it’s a third of the price,” said Lundquist.

And while your life is always changing, so does your style….Just now in the most cost–friendly way.

Clothes Mentor is part of a booming 12 billion dollar resale retail industry.