UND Student Makes Petition For Gay Rights

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A UND student is calling upon the Obama administration to help get equal rights for gays.

Caroline Gallegos put together two online petitions in response to North Dakota lawmakers turning down an anti–discrimination bill for the third time.

She tells us where her inspiration comes from.

The issue of gay rights hits home for Caroline Gallegos. Her brother is gay. Many of her friends are members of the LGBT community.

So when the North Dakota legislature failed to pass a sexual orientation discrimination bill yet again she decided to take action.

Caroline Gallegos says, “There’s not really a strong support or advocacy present for gay rights in the state. The majority obviously disagrees with it in the House.”

She put together a White House petition that needs 100,000 signatures nationwide in order to call upon President Obama and his administration to respond.

Gallegos says, “It would get the laws in North Dakota national attention and kind of put pressure on the state to work in that area since right now they have no laws in favor.”

She also has a change.org petition that doesn’t have a signature goal but it’s a way for others to share their stories and opinions on gay rights and sexual orientation discrimination.

When someone signs a petition, an email is sent to every member of the House that voted against the bill that would bring equal rights to the state’s LGBT community.

UND Diversity & Inclusion Sandra Mitchell says, “The only way that we can really improve our society in general is to accept, acknowledge and respect that we are all not the same. And yet we are all still part of this human community.”

You can add your signature to BOTH equal rights petitions, here… https://petitions.whitehouse.gov//petition/bring-equality-constitutional-rights-and-protection-discrimination-based-sexual-orientation-north-dakota