Was Fargo’s Red Raven Seeing Retaliation?

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A Fargo coffee shop gets a social media page taken down after banning a group of lawmakers.

Red Raven had their Facebook page taken down a few days after they put up a sign banning lawmakers who voted against a sexual orientation discrimination bill.

The parlor’s Facebook page has been up for 6 years. The owner of the parlor says the deletion of the page isn’t to the level of retaliation but it is odd timing.

For Josh Conroy he says the satirical ban was meant to send a message that discrimination needs to go.

“I was very proud of the conversations that were being had and the people that were being able to unite under that umbrella,” said Conroy.

Red Raven’s Facebook page had almost 4,000 followers. Conroy says he was contacted by Facebook and was notified of the page’s red flag status. It was bombarded with spam and hate messages.

One customer says the timing that the sign and the page being taken down makes him skeptical.

Andrew Thomason said, “Well, I think it’s suspicious more than it is coincidental.”

Conroy says it hurts business because Red Raven’s social media is their top way to network with the customers.

“It’s definitely unfortunate. All of those likes and comments and shares were scrubbed from Facebook and we’re kind of just recovering,” said Conroy.

The deleted page was a personal page, so their replacement will now be a business page to continue their relationship with their customers.