Fargo Marathon Runner Talks Training

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Runners are in their final days of training before this weekend’s Fargo Marathon.

It doesn’t matter if you’re running the 5K, 10K, Half–Marathon or Full Marathon, runners say training is crucial.

We catch up with one runner for the inside scoop.

Felicita Salazar is one of many training for a Fargo Marathon.

This will be her 8th time running the half–marathon.

Felicita Salazar says, “You’re always trying to beat the last one. If not beat the last one then get close to the last one.”

She says she usually starts training about 2–months prior to the day of the big run by doing a mix of weights and cardio.

The runner adds, “The day of the race, you’ll notice how much your legs aren’t the ones that get tired. It’s your arm or your posture. If you build your strength overall you’ll have a stronger posture.”

She also makes sure to keep hydrated along the way.

Jennifer Bedner says, “Weigh yourself before and after the run. For every pound lost during the run replace with about 20-oz of fluid.”

Bednar says besides keeping yourself hydrated, you need to eat often.

The Essentia Hospital Dietician says, “Runners do need a lot more carbohydrates compared to the average person because that will be the #1 source of fuel during your run.”

Salazar says running is easy to pick–up but to do it well; it takes more than just hitting the track and ‘eating clean.’

Salazar says, “You just have to be willing to try to train and be consistent.”

Registration is no longer available for Saturday’s races which include the Full Marathon, Half–Marathon and 10K but Thursday’s Youth Running Events and Friday’s 5K are still open.

You can register for the remaining open runs here: http://www.fargomarathon.com/register.htm