West Fargo Students Take A Long Walk To Water

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West Fargo Middle School students are shining a light on the need for safe water in Sudan.

Students from Liberty and Cheney headed to Buffalo River State Park for an experience retrieving water like those living in the African country.

Some of the seventh graders tell us about their difficult 3–mile walk.

Taking the steps to help others, 300 seventh graders carry milk jugs filled with water for miles raising money to build a well in Panyijiar County, a community in South Sudan.

Seventh Grader Jordan Meidinger says, “This is like really hard because it makes your arms really tired.”

Students initially thought the day would be a breeze but later found themselves getting creative in order to manage the water filled milk jugs.

Seventh Grader Mary Beth Morse says, “One of my friends, him and his friend, got a stick and carried them and some other people had strings.”

The idea for the walk was inspired by a book called “A Long Walk to Water” by Sue Parks.

They are also learning about the global environmental crisis in Africa.

STEM Language Arts Jane Laux says, “They have water from the river but it’s very contaminated and they import water from Juba but there’s not like a recycling plant there or anything so it’s really becoming an environmental disaster.”

Student have already raised $5,000 to help South Sudan, surpassing their goal, but they want to do more.

Laux adds, “You can make a difference one person at a time.”

Upon completing their 3–mile walk, students gain a new perspective.

Meidinger says, “I don’t have to do this every day so it’s pretty sad how much we have and they don’t.”

Morse says, “Kind of makes me really grateful for what we have.”

West Fargo Middle School will be having a book fair fundraiser on Friday, May 15 from 9am-3pm.

All the proceeds will be donated to the South Sudan water well.