Barnesville Gunfire Investigation

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Barnesville Police are continuing to investigate the report of gun fire at a local apartment building.

It happened around 6 o’clock last night outside the four-plex at 412 Front Street.

Police say two men who know each other got into an argument about a past issue when one pulled out a gun and fired a shot into the ground.

“We have conflicting information so we need to try to determine who is the actual viable suspect is in this case. So that’s what we’re waiting on right now. Trying to sort through the statements” said Chief of Barnesville Police Dean Ernst.

Police did not reveal the names of the men involved, but they got the call Sunday evening, after one of the men ran down the road to a Cenex gas station to call for help.

Police are sorting through statements to get an idea of what really happened.
The gun shot that was fired at this apartment building Sunday evening is believed to be an intimidation tactic.

“I believe the intent was just to intimidate the other one and that was fairly consistent to the information we had, “said Chief Dean.

Police are confirming that this is an isolated incident and the public is not in any danger. People in the area don’t seem too worried.

“It really didn’t phase me all that much other than that’s weird I didn’t feel like there’s a huge threat where my sister would need to move out of town or anything like that,” said Ryan Goodman of Maple Town.

At this time, no arrests have been made.
No one was hurt and the case remains an open investigation.