New Fargo Leaders Now Under Oath

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 It’s a big day for the city of Fargo.
A new mayor and city commissioner are officially sworn in.

 Both Mayor Tim Mahoney and Commissioner Tony Gehrig were officially sworn into office.
Mayor Mahoney has been the acting mayor for the last few months, but it’s Commissioner Gehrig’s first official day on the job.
 Commissioner Gehrig tells us one of his first agenda items is to ask the commission to help reduce Fargo’s property tax by 20 percent.

 He also says he’s excited for the challenges the job has to offer.

“When you run three different times and it finally comes out in your favor, you know it’s a big deal for us. So we’re excited to get to work. We have a lot of ideas for the city of Fargo and we’re going to try to press those as soon as we get into office,” said Gehrig.
The Buffalo River Singers performed the Native American Honor Song.

It’s a sign of honoring and paying respect to their new leaders.

Mayor Tim Mahoney says one of the first items on his agenda is setting up liaison assignments for the commissioners.
“Well it’s always fun to do the oath, because whenever you become commissioner or mayor it’s kind of the official sign that you are that position. So it just seems like after you go through that whole election process and something like this, it’s nice to have a judge say yup, you’re the mayor,” said Mahoney.
Even though it’s Commissioner Gehrig’s first official day, he has to wait until the next commission meeting to vote on agenda items.