Buffalo River State Park Camps Out For Memorial Day

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Memorial Day Weekend kicks off camping season.

All 44–campsites at Buffalo River State Park are completely full.

KVRR spoke with one family taking in the sights and sounds.

While some take to the lake for Memorial Day Weekend, others choose a more scenic route.

Butch Caughey says, “We usually go camping on Memorial Weekend and always find somewhere different to go.”

Butch Caughey’s daughter Micayla looks forwards to camping in the summer so she can do her favorite thing.

Micayla Caughey says, “I get to ride my bikes.”

Buffalo River State Park says Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the camping season and this year they have a few surprises for campers.

Brian Nelson says, “Sandy bottom chlorinated swimming pond area so it’s zero entry all the way around so it’s like going into a lake and kids can build sand castles around the edge and things like that so we also have also have the beautiful prairie out here and we have 12-miles of hiking trails.”

Buffalo River State Park draws many people from the F–M metro who all have a common interest.

The Park Manager says, “Bring your willingness for an adventure, come out to hike and explore the natural area around here.”

Besides the scenic views and spending time with family, there are other perks to camping.

Micayla says, “Basically every time I go camping I make a new friend literally.”

Butch says, “The bonfire campfire at night is probably my most favorite part.”

Buffalo River State Park’s camping season extends into October and they recommend making reservations during the week.