Aaron Knodel Could Soon Be Teaching Again

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 Aaron Knodel, the West Fargo teacher accused of having intimate relations with one of his former students is given the go ahead by the West Fargo school district to continue teaching.
The West Fargo School District Board of Education has voted to allow Aaron Knodel to continue teaching, but he has to wait for one more vote before he is allowed back into the classroom.

At the latest meeting, there were testimonies from his alleged victim and other community members.
A packed West Fargo school board meeting in West Fargo to discuss the fate of Aaron Knodel.
His alleged victim was the first to speak.
“I would like to say that just because you can’t see the scars I have from this trauma, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Furthermore, I beg you not to allow anyone else’s daughter to be Aaron Knodel’s second chance, it definitely isn’t worth the risk,” said the alleged victim.
The school board made a decision to side with the court; since all of his accusations were dismissed they believe he is fit to go back into the classroom.
“He had failed to set limits on when and for how long phone contact would be acceptable. Though this was an error in professional judgement, it doesn’t not rise to the level of adverse consequence,” said West Fargo Superintendent David Flowers.
Mary Conant has worked with Knodel for years in the West Fargo School District and sides with the board.
“Aaron’s a phenomenal teacher and it would be a shame for students not to have the opportunity to be in his class,” said Conant.
Knodel’s lawyer says for Knodel to be allowed back into the classroom he has to wait for a vote by the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board.
“He has experienced an incredible nightmare over the last year. Every teacher’s nightmare to be falsely accused and he has stood up, he has persevered,” said Knodel’s Lawyer Michael Geiermann.
The vote by the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board is expected to take place on Monday.

The school board also recommends that Knodel be allowed back pay for all the time he missed in the classroom.