Petroleum Council Meets in Fargo

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For the first time in 34 years, the North Dakota Petroleum Council meets in Fargo.

The three day annual meeting comes as the oil boom is slowing down.

Attendees and speakers come from all over the nation and discuss a wide variety of topics.

This includes ways to incorporate drones into the oil fields and how to continue North Dakota’s production of oil for as long as possible.

They also talked about improving rail safety after numerous oil related derailments and explosions.

“Right now it’s a fairly rough stretch for us but this is a long term oil play. We’re going to be here for generations. We’ve got to figure out how to get better at doing it, tackle the challenges that we have. And that’s what our discussions are focused around today,” says Ron Ness, President of the ND Petroleum Association.
Tomorrow’s agenda includes cost effective ways to market in a tough oil market.