Is Your Car Ready for Winter? We Talk to the Experts!

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Winter is just around the corner, and many may want to get their vehicles ready for the cold months ahead.

I’m actually one of those last minute people who need to get their car ready for winter.

Mike Patton, owner of Mike’s Southside Auto Service in Fargo, shared with me just what drivers need to know before getting behind the wheel this winter.
It may not feel like winter yet, but it is just around the corner.

Mechanics say to avoid expensive consequences of waiting until something goes wrong, now is the time to get your car ready for those cold months ahead.
“Make sure your coolant is good that’s the number one thing in the winter time, because a lot of people will sometimes add water in the summer if there coolant is low and that will freeze and cause all kinds of problems,” says Mike Patton of Mike’s Southside Auto Service.
Patton also set the record straight when it comes to buying block heaters.
“With new cars you really don’t need to put block heaters in there or other types of heaters like you have had to do in the past. Generally most cars will start 20 below zero,” says Mike.
If you have an older car that you’re hoping will make it through winter, your oil will be key.
“A good tune-up first of all. Make sure your oil is right. You got fresh oil in there like a good 5/20 or 5/30 or synthetic, which is probably best way to go in winter,”says Mike.
One customer we spoke to at Mike’s says he is getting his oil change now so he won’t be in trouble later.
“Plan ahead. Plan ahead saves you from walking on the road like she says,” says Dre Leak of Fargo.
But that’s not all, tires are big when it comes to winter preparation.

“I would say one thing to check is your tires like air pressure things like that for sure. Mine just happen to be good bad I’m getting them replaced on Friday.”

The Minnesota State Patrol also suggests that you keep an emergency kit in your car,  including things like a flash light, batteries, and dry foods in case you get stuck on the side of the road.