New Stable Offers Up Close Access to Horses

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They’re not horsing around at the new Jubilee Equine stable in Horace.

Trainers are serious about their mission, sharing the beauty of horse riding with the Red River Valley.

Trainer Tracy Tschakert shares a bond with her seven year old horse, George.

“I’ve had him since he hit the ground. He’s pretty special to me”, says Tschakert.

George is just one of a plethora of horses at the brand new Jubilee Equine stables. The building opened today, with room for a whole herd.

Owner Terrie Hart Dahl says there are, “41 stalls here. We’re on 80 acres.”

Everyone here is excited.

“We are thrilled to be opening up, and we’ve worked real hard”, says Dahl

Trainers say they not only want to have a place where experienced horse riders can practice their craft. They also want to give new riders a place where they can experience equestrian activities and beautiful animals like this for the first time.

Dahl adds, “Lessons are for children of almost any age and for adults.”

You can do much more than simply ride a horse. Martha Olsen will offer life coaching, using horses to guide people to better lives.

“The person starts engaging and establishing a relationship with the horse. The horse responds, as horses do with human beings”, says Olsen.

Trainers want to use that bond to help people learn to love horses, and create more fans of these majestic creatures in the Valley.

“I like to see the people build relationships with the animals. I like to see what that does. And I like providing a place for kids to be, so really our hope is that this will be a wonderful place for people to gather”, says Tschakert

The stables are open, but there’s still work to be done.

Construction should be completed by the end of the year.

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