Fargo Fire Department plans for Make-Over

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Fargo Fire Department Headquarters’ in downtown is looking to get a make–over.

After 54 years the building still functions enough for fire fighters to do their job. But as the city of Fargo grows, the demands for fire fighters are also on the rise .More fire fighters, mean more space.

“We’re finally at the point we needed to do something different,” says Fire Chief Steve Dirksen.

Built in the early 60s, the bones are still strong but the insides need to be gutted. In other words, a renovation is much needed.The plumbing, electrical, along with sprinklers installation to new windows are just some of the updates.

There is asbestos in the building that has to be removed before they can start the renovation. That is estimated to cost $80,000. Asbestos is a chronic lung disease that causes shortness of breath, chest pains and scarring of lung tissues. It is not life threatening right now but still needs to be removed for future risks.

While the building is under remodeling, both fire crews and administration offices will be placed in temporary sites.The project is roughly bid at $2 million dollars.

“It’s going to mean a better working situation for the staff,” says Assistant Chief Leroy Skarloken.

City Leaders are going to approve the bids the beginning of next month. The fire department hopes to see the new building by Christmas 2016.