Straus Clothing is Going Out of Business…In Style

For one local store, it is already beginning to look like Black Friday.

Straus Clothing in Fargo is going out of business, in style.

If men are looking for discounted shoes, shirts, or hats, Straus Clothing is the place to shop right now.

The family business has been open for 136 years and brothers Rick and John Stern say they are ready to enjoy retirement.

Straus Clothing Owner John Stern gives some of his last words of advice to his customers, as this may be the last time they checkout at his store.

“Look at all these people! When we opened this morning, 137 people showed up at the front door,” Stern said.

Almost all clothing items are on sale, as the store prepares for its grand finale.

The sale is all part of John’s retirement because he was taught enjoying your life is just something you can’t put a price tag on.

“We’ve been at it for a long time, our dad said don’t work as long as I did, don’t work as hard as I did, retire when you can,” Stern said.

Customer Blair Kiland remembers buying his first suit at Straus.

“It’s been kind of a part of our family and all that for many, many years so it’s a shock to see that they’re going out of business. Bittersweet,” Kiland said.

From the customers to the help of former employees and manufacturers, they say Straus Clothing has always been the real deal.

“It’s the quality of the people who work here and just the all‚Äďaround family you know, family type of business that they’ve been running all these years,” says Enro Shirt Co. Manufacturer Sales Representative¬†Ted O’Brien.

Whether it was helping customers try on jackets, ties, or hats, owners say what they’re going to miss most about the store is the customers.

“It’s not a good day if I don’t have one of my customers come in and they thank me for helping them,” Stern says.

While these owners have helped many customers throughout the years dress for success, they say they are ready to checkout and enjoy their life beyond the clothing racks.

Straus Clothing will stay open until all of the items are gone.

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