President Obama: “It is the responsibility of all Americans, of every faith, to reject discrimination.”

In President Obama’s address to the nation last night, he denounced ISIS and made it clear the only way to do so is by rejecting discrimination.

President Obama made it clear by marginalizing Muslim Americans we are only helping ISIS recruiters.

Instead, he says it is the responsibility of all Americans, of every faith, to reject discrimination.

That’s something Muslims in the F-M area want to see change.

At three years old, Shinwar came to American from Northern Iraq. To him Fargo is home, but he says discrimination against Muslims is something he wants to see go away. But thanks to social media, it’s more prevalent than ever.

“When you’re hiding behind a computer it provides a sense of security,” says Shinwar Mayi of Fargo.

President Obama warns Americans that by marginalizing Muslims we’re catering exactly to what ISIS wants.

“It makes them in their eyes Muslims turn to them for help,” says a Retired Fargo English Teacher, Carol Seim.

“I would say I’m a victim of those hate crimes that are given in the name of my religion,” says a Sanford Physician, Eram Shahira.

“President Obama says to stop Isis discrimination needs to end. From Muslims to Christians he urges all religions in all communities to join together in peace.”

“The Christian reaction would be to meet the violence with love to meet it with peace,” says Rev. Michelle Webber with United Church of Christ.

In just her last sermon, Reverend Webber called her congregation to do just that.

“Facing adversity, facing things that could make you fearful with curiosity and hope,” says Rev. Webber.

“I just don’t understand how they can judge a whole group of people by a few crazy people,” says Seim.

People that President Obama says he plans to defeat. But here on American soil, he says defeat will come when discrimination is gone for good.

 Just on Saturday Shinwar and Carol created a Facebook page to spread the message that not all Muslims support ISIS.

The Facebook group Fargo–Moorhead Muslims and Friends Against ISIS was created to address the misunderstandings about Muslims.

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