Fargo Police: Department Changes Part of Normal Operations

The Fargo Police Department is seeing more changes, but this time, it’s to better serve the public.

Fargo named a new Chief of Police a few months ago, and now more changes have taken place at the department, however, the department says there’s nothing to be alarmed over.

Chief Dave Todd took over as Fargo’s top cop just three months ago, but the changes were made as just a part of the normal operations.

“Through our normal type process … kind of strategic planning … we look at who’s sitting where and we have a normal rotational type process where we try to put people in spots anywhere from four to six years,” said Deputy Chief Joe Anderson.

Deputy Chief Ross Renner highlights the benefits of the department’s rotation policy and how it benefits the community.

“You learn a whole new job or a new aspect of police work.  As they stay in those positions, they gain more knowledge and when it comes time to rotate out of that position, they of course bring that knowledge back to their position,” added Chief Renner.

Officers rotate through different positions, which gives them an opportunity to advance within the department.

“It allows them to develop, but it also allows other officers to develop as well.  So it gives them an opportunity to become detectives and to have other experiences and to have career advancement,” said Chief Anderson.

It’s a system that creates more well–rounded officers that are better equipped to serve the public.

Chief David Todd has been in the position since Keith Ternes resigned November 2014 amid management issues and low morale in the department.

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