Kids Become Doctors at NDSU’s “Great Health Care Adventure”

We all know kids like to play doctor.
But some at NDSU’s Center for Child Development had the chance to do that in a real life setting.

At least 30 preschoolers and toddlers from the center participated in the Great Health Care Adventure.

Under the guidance of students at the college, kids got to try out medical tools.

The event is an opportunity for the toddlers to learn more about healthcare, helping make future hospital visits less scary

“It really brings excitement back to us, I think it’s the best feeling in the world when a lot of these little kids think a pharmacist; farms, or when they learn a pharmacist is the one that gives you medicine. It’s just the best feeling because they’re catching on, and their learning,” said Kourtney Schroeder, an NDSU Pharmacy student.

This is the seventh year the College of Health Professions has hosted the event.

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