North Dakota Considered a Top State for Helping People with Disabilities Find Jobs

North Dakota has ranked second in the nation for having the highest rate of employment for people with disabilities.

Only 34 percent of working age Americans with disabilities have jobs, which speaks volumes to how North Dakota is leading the way in bridging the disparity.

“The job itself is a great experience,” said Hannah Jordet of West Fargo.
Hannah has been working for NDSU dining for just over a year; she is one of the 49 percent of people with disabilities in North Dakota who are currently employed.
“It feels awesome that people like me are getting jobs, and it feels like were actually a part of something bigger than us,” said Hannah.
Hannah was able to find her job with the help of Community Living Services in Fargo, an agency that helps connect people with disabilities to employers.
“People think that work is just getting a paycheck, but really is very much more. I mean so many people get friendships from work, and it’s just having the sense of purpose, and belonging, being a part of the community,” said Jeff Anderson, Director of Vocation Services at Community Living Services.
In the last year, the agency has help employ more than 300 people with disabilities.
Anderson says the ranking can be attributed to North Dakota’s low unemployment rate, and the many programs put in place helping people with disabilities transition into the real world.
“I think we’re really blessed in North Dakota for the really robust services that people with disabilities are offered here, the schools districts offer fantastic services,” said Anderson.
One of the programs being the transition academy, which Hannah says got her to where she is today.
“Transition academy is the place I go to, and has helped me in the real world,” said Hannah.

South Dakota took the number one spot with just over 50 percent of their population with disabilities being employed.

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