Customers Say Goodbye to West Fargo’s Famous TNT’s Diner

It’s a hometown favorite for many in the area, but come this Friday customers will be saying their goodbyes.
The decision to close TNT’s Diner in West Fargo comes after the death of owner Tim Hagensen.
If it’s a Monday or Friday, you’ll know where to find Donna Dahlstrom.
“Everyone is so personal here, so every Monday and every Friday we come here, it’s just what we do,” says Donna Dahlstrom of Fargo.
But come this Friday, it will be Donna’s last.
“It makes me want to cry,” says Dahlstrom.
Tammy and Tim Hagensen opened the diner back in 2007 since then its attracted customers from near and far.
“I hear Tom Hanks came here, that’s pretty cool,” says Anita Torkelson of Hendrum, MN.
And while Anita Torkelson didn’t fly in on a jet like Tom Hanks she does drive about 30 miles to get to the diner.
“We don’t get to go out to eat every week so it’s a treat for us,” says Torkelson.
And it’s a treat that will be missed from the West Fargo business family.
“Having a small family owned business that the family works there every day and has such a strong tie to the community makes a huge difference,” says Economic Development Director, Matt Marshall.
Donna says the diner has the world’s best rice krispie treats, quite a compliment coming from a restaurant owner herself, the very restaurant where Tim and Tammy met.
“Tim had applied first and I put him in the back he was doing prep work and then this young gal came in and she had just turned 16 and so she went to work and her name was Tammy,” says Dahlstrom.
Love started in the kitchen.
“It was romance right away she had eyes for her and I think she had eyes for him,” says Dahlstrom.
And for the staff and customers of TNT Diner, that’s where the love will always stay.
The diner will officially close this Friday.

Employees say they will be open until 2:00pm or until their food runs out.

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