Wentz Fever Continues To Grow After Draft Pick

Wentz fever just got more contagious after the first round of the NFL draft, and there’s no vaccine.
NDSU Bison quarterback Carson Wentz will be playing for the Philadelphia Eagles.
If you thought Wentz was big in North Dakota, now the world will get to see him in action playing in the NFL.

“When I was taking my test, someone was walking out of the test and they looked on their phone and screamed while everyone else was still taking their test. So I think everyone is pretty excited. I’m excited,” says NDSU freshmen Aaron Peterson.
NDSU students aren’t the only ones feeling proud of Wentz.

Long-time bison fan Linda Briggs applauds Wentz for being a good example.
“I think he’s a great role model for our youth of today in North Dakota. And they can see what they can aspire to. And dreams do come true,” says Briggs.
It’s a dream that started at a young age.

Wentz tweeted “As a kid, I wrote that I wanted to be a professional football player someday.  Today, that becomes reality.”

And for Briggs’ nine-year-old son Anthony, it’s a dream he’s chasing too, claiming he’ll be the next Carson Wentz. 

Carson Wentz is now a big household name in North Dakota, but some don’t think this small town boy is going to let the fame get the best of him.
“I think it will change the platform for how many people are seeing him and how many people are hearing him but him as of character, I don’t see that changing,” says Bison fan Gretchen Hinz.
The only change we know for sure is this Bismarck boy will be trading his green and yellow uniform for green and silver.

As for his forte, it’s already catching the eyes of some out of state.
“We know he’s an outstanding young man, a great talent. And we really think he’s going to do great things in Philadelphia,” says Minnesota Vikings executive vice president of public affairs Lester Bagley.
Friday, Carson Wentz did what eagles do, and flew to the nest to meet his new team.

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