Moorhead Group Shows that Addiction Recovery Rocks

People are celebrating in Moorhead, and for good reason.
With rocking chairs, and plenty of help from passing drivers.
“Today’s been fabulous,” says Mary Przymus with reGROUP. “We’ve been here since seven o’clock this morning, and we’ve been rocking.”
Members of reGROUP are spreading the word.

Addiction isn’t a life sentence.
“Hope is really what we’re all about. We want people to know they can seek recovery, get into recovery, and it can last a lifetime,” says the group’s executive director, Denise Peterson.
What better way to spread hope than with a rocking chair party on a street corner?

This is the second year for their rocking chair event.
“You can hear and feel the energy in the air. The honks. The waves,” adds Peterson.
They’re peer advocates for addiction recovery.

Each of these peoples’ lives were once controlled by substances.
Przymus explains, “I’m an alcoholic, chronic alcoholic. I’ve tried for years to get sober.”
But now they’re in recovery, thanks in part to reGROUP’s programs.
Peterson explains, “We can meet with people one-on-one. ‘How’s your recovery going today?'”
Members of REgroup say they want to use events like this to show that
recovery is possible and help other people who may be facing the same
“And they can see that there are people who really want to give back,” adds Przymus.
They want to get more people out her celebrating next year.
Peterson adds, “What joy this is to see people grow in their recovery, grow in their strength as people.”
reGROUP says they help five to ten people per day who come in seeking addiction help.