NDSU Pres. Bresciani Takes Back Bison Media Guidelines; Says He’s “Profoundly Disappointed”

NDSU’s Athletic Director says he is sorry after releasing media guidelines for covering the university’s athletic teams.

AD Matt Larsen released a statement saying “I erred in not bringing these ideas forward for the president’s review and I regret the damage this has caused to the administration, institution and university community.”

NDSU President Dean Bresciani released a statement saying he didn’t know about the new guidelines the Larsen issued last Friday.

Bresciani goes on to say “I was profoundly disappointed when I learned the facts about this issue.”

Larsen’s guidelines restricted coverage by media outlets who do not have broadcast contracts with the university.

These guidelines included journalists from those outlets would not be allowed to do live social media updates, including tweets and blogs, no live coverage of scheduled press conferences and no one-on-one interviews with head football or basketball coaches without written consent from the university.

Bresciani says NDSU is committed to “access and inclusion” when it comes to events and coverage of the public university.

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