Fans Flock to Fargo for the Dakota Bowl

It’s a busy day at the Fargodome, but this time not because of the Bison.

The Fargodome is filled to capacity with fans as they’re cheering on their favorite football teams.
“It’s been pretty energetic,” said proud Football Dad Chris Spies. “We were at the Dakota Bowl earlier watching the classic and it’s a great atmosphere. The Fargodome is awesome to watch a game in.”
The Dakota Bowl brings High School teams and fans from across the state to decide North Dakota’s champions.

Participating teams include the Lakers vs. the Thunder, the Holsteins vs. the Tommies, the Saints vs. the Vikings and the Patriots vs. the Demons.

Many fans are out supporting their family members.
“I came to watch the football championship,” said veteran Lyle Prochnow. “Plus my grandson is one of the finalists for regional.”
And for some fans, this was their first time ever coming to the Dakota Bowl.

They say they hope for their football team to make it to the championship again.
“It’s our first time ever for Ellendale,” said proud Football Dad Dave White. “Edgely has won a couple. But it’s the first time Ellendale has ever made it.”
While the championship went on throughout the day, fans say that watching the crowds is just as exciting as watching the games.
“The youth. Watching the youth and the kids,” said Lyle. “Not only the ones who are playing but the ones who are here supporting their local teams and there’s a lot of teams here today so it’s a lot of kids running around.”
“I think a friend of mine said they’re numb,” said Dave. “That’s the best way I can describe it. Just absolutely numb. Happy for our boys and the coaches…so incredible experience for them,” says Dave.
“It’s been really exciting,” said Lyle. “Everybody is so upbeat and pumped up to win a state championship.”

Fans have been here since this morning cheering on their football teams.

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