The Salvation Army, Luther Family Ford Teams Up to Fight Hunger this Thanksgiving

There’s just something special about cooking a Thanksgiving meal in your own home.

The Salvation Army and Luther Family Ford prepared and gave out more than 300 food boxes so people can cook at home.

These boxes are filled with the traditional Thanksgiving meal, all the way from the turkey to the pumpkin pie.

Lutheran Family Ford employees delivered the boxes to people who were not able to come pick them up.

“Every year they call us and say ‘when are you going to do the Thanksgiving baskets’?” said Major Byron Medlock of the Salvation Army. “Then we tell them when we are gonna do it, and then they get all excited. It’s really exciting to see people come in and get their turkey dinner and their eyes open up because there’s so much in there. We try to take care of all of their need.”

The Salvation Army also offers a Christmas meal box.

You can register next Monday at their downtown office.

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