Digging Out Begins for the Grand Cities

Grand Forks was hit hard by the blizzard and that’s caused some troubles for the city.

City workers and locals weren’t expecting the heavy snowfall that has painted this town white.

“It was a pretty quick learning curve for everybody. Traffic especially,” said Grand Forks Streets Superintendent Mark Aubol.

I–29 closed down because of poor road conditions, but workers were prepared and able to get the road back in driving conditions by this morning.

Even still, conditions could still be tough on the interstate and in the city.

“Anything with the semis especially I’d imagine it’s hard to control them,” said Aubol.

Now, the big challenge is finding a place to store all the snow in case of another big storm.

“You know we’re going to really have to hustle here these next few days to make room in case we have another storm on the weekend or something comes up here in another three, four, five days,” said Aubol.

Homeowner Dale Brunelle is just worried about getting the snow off his driveway.

Last night he tried getting a head start.

“Went to bed, woke up the next morning and the entire area was covered in snow again,” said Brunelle. “I’m just getting drained. Getting my exercise in though, so you know.”

All this snow may have the adults dreading the clean up, but public schools in Grand Forks are closed today which means kids are out…having fun.

Some may even be having too much fun on the slopes…

“And I went up and I flew back and the top part came back and hit me in the face and I chipped my tooth,” said Hayden, a middle school student spending his day off sledding.

Whether you’re enjoying this blizzard or dreading it, Mark Aubol says if you don’t need to be on the roads, stay off them while clean up crews are getting them in driving condition.

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