NDSU School Of Nursing Named Center of Excellence

NDSU School of Nursing Named Center of Excellence

NDSU’s School of Nursing has been awarded the Cadet Command Nursing Center of Excellence by the ROTC program.The Cadet Command examined nursing license pass rates, accreditation, cumulative GPA’s at graduation and classroom versus clinical experience.

According to research, nursing cadets are more successful at completing both ROTC and nursing school.

After completing both, every student is awarded a scholarship at some level.

“The military does a great job teaching students leadership skills which then not only helps them on the army side but also on the nursing side because nurses require some sense of leadership and organization in the military prepares them with some of those skills that they’ll need to be good nurses,” said School of Nursing Assistant Professor, Karla Haug.

The Third ROTC Brigade has identified 11 other primary Centers of Excellence including NDSU’s School of Nursing.

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