Fargo Park District: Putting Old Christmas Trees to Good Use

The Fargo Park District teams up with Habitat for Humanity and puts old Christmas trees to good use

The Fargo Park District has found a way to make its Christmas trees…the gifts that keep on giving.

It is teaming up with Dakota Timber Company and Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity to put the Christmas trees at the Depot and Rheault Farm to good use.

After the holiday season, the 25′ tall trees will be processed by Dakota Timber Company and the wood will be donated to Habitat for Humanity, who will use it as lumber for building new homes.

“There was going to be a flood buyout area and that tree was going to have to come down anyway,” explained Joel Vettel, Executive Director of the Fargo Park District. “And so to be able to take those trees that were going to have to be cut down, turn them into something beautiful for the holidays and then again re-purpose them and bring them back to again…utilizes them for a great cause.”

The Fargo Park District is also challenging the community find ways to put their old Christmas trees to good use.

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