ND Lawmakers Preparing for 2017 Legislative Session

North Dakota lawmakers have plenty of items on their list to discuss for the first session of the year

North Dakota lawmakers are preparing for the 2017 Legislative Session that starts tomorrow in Bismarck.

Governor Doug Burgum will give his State of the State address and announce his budget plans.

State Representative Jim Kasper of Fargo says local issues like the FM diversion and voting IDs will be a topic of discussion.

He says the number of affidavit ballots each district received was too high.

Kasper encourages people to reach out to their representatives throughout the session if they have any concerns.

“The funding of the water project to bring that water from Western North Dakota from the Missouri river here to Fargo,” said Republican State Representative Jim Kasper of Fargo. “The diversion project. That’s been committed a long time ago. The state of North Dakota is not going to back up on that.”

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