A Fun-Filled Day of Compassion at Jefferson Elementary School

Jeffereson Elementary held a day of compassion for fourth and fifth graders


Jefferson Elementary School took a day off from the routine and hosted a Day of Compassion. Fourth and Fifth grade students spent the day with South High student leaders doing compassion based activities. They did team building, discussed respect, bullying prevention and took part in building relationship workshops.

Rollie Johnson and Erik Hatch with First Lutheran Church led the entire day.

“My favorite part truly is just getting to have a day where the teachers, the kids we all can just kind of play. And it’s a memorable day for the kids. It’s a day they will remember when they’re seniors in high school,” said¬†Jefferson Elementary School Counselor,¬†Laura Sokolofsky.

The event was sponsored by the Jefferson Parent Teacher Association, Cole Papers and an anonymous donor.

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