The Fargo Invaders Are Looking For Top Notch Players

The Football Organization Is Looking To Fill Up Their Team With Players From All Over

The Fargo Invaders is searching for the best football players in the region to compete for a spot on the team.

The Fargo Invaders is a local organization in the FM area whose mission is to help football players achieve their highest potential.

Players come from states as far as California and Texas.

There’s also players who live right here in North Dakota and Minnesota.

“But it’s really for guys who still have an opportunity and desire and passion to play organized football and that’s what we are,” said Co-Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator, Brent Lundgren with the Invaders.

The football combine was split up into testing stations which included a standing long jump, vertical jump, pro agility, a 3 cone drill, 10/40 yard dash and a 185 pound bench press.

Jon Baune, a retired football player from Concordia and current Invaders player, says tryouts haven’t been easy.

“It’s just tiring. It’s a tough work out. After the first one I couldn’t walk the next day,” said Invaders player, Jon Baune.

“The most difficult part about these tryouts is I’m not really good with these drills so I trained really hard but I still didn’t do as good as I wanted,” said Trevor Taylor, trying out for the team.

Taylor is a 5th year senior at Trinity Bible College and is originally from California.

He’s played football his entire life.┬áHe played 4 years of college football, but his Medical Redshirt for a 5th year was denied.

He says the reason he wants to be a part of the Invaders is because the game is still in his system.

“Well I can tell you all the players are really good. They’re all big, strong, fast. They’re all really cool too. Everyone has been very inviting, very welcoming and it’s very professionally ran. It looks like a pro team. They’ve got a president, great coaches and everything. It’s great so far,” said Taylor.

And as exciting as it is for newcomers, 2nd year players say why they came back for more.

“We all enjoyed ourselves and also because everyone got along well with everybody. So my first year was great to be honest,” said 2nd year Invaders player, Tyler Jensen.

“It’s nice to see the team environment beyond college. That’s what I’ve been used to my whole life, playing sports since I was a kid and it’s nice to have an opportunity to continue to play,” said Baune.

And although it’s an organized team, staff members and teammates say it’s more of a brotherhood.

“It’s just like a group of friends to talk to. They’ll always be here. Everyone’s there for you, it’s kind of like a family, another family,” said Baune.

Players say no matter what level football they’re playing at, the passion never dies.

Official practices will begin next Sunday, January 15th and games will be held once a week.

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