West Fargo Plans for a Safer Intersection

The project costing over $6.5 million would add two left turn lanes in every direction at the intersection

West Fargo city leaders say it’s time to expand an accident prone intersection, but that also means another season of construction starting this spring.

If you’ve driven on 13th Avenue East and 9th Street East during rush hours, you know the frustration drivers face.

“There are 20,000 cars that go through that intersection and during peak hours in the AM and PM,” said Melissa Richard, who lives in West Fargo. “It’s really congested and it can get really backed up really fast.”

The project costing over $6.5 million would add two left turn lanes in every direction.

The project also includes adding another lane going northbound on 9th Street East.

“It’s to help get people through the intersections faster when they are turning,” said Richard.¬†“And it’s to give more space for more cars to get through.”

The city says this project would be a small price to pay because the outcome is increasing safety.

That part of town was marked as a red flag by the Metro COG, a group dedicated to improving transportation.

“The intersection was rated a ‘C’ which is passable, but it’s going to continue to downgrade and by 2040,” said Richard. “They said without any improvements it would go to an ‘F’.”

Community members have raised concerns, but most are business owners who are worried about access during construction.

The city says they will do its best to keep an eye on it and have increased signage for detours.

Ninth Street East will remain open.

“At this point, we are completing the environmental document phase with the Department of Transportation, which will identify any potential issues with the improvements,” said City Engineer Dustin Scott.

Because the priority of the project is safety, the city has secured $1.9 million from the Department of Transportation.

The city of West Fargo says if everything goes as planned, the project should be completed by November.

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