Kids at Ben Franklin Middle School Learn Retail

Partnering with the Kilbourne Group, kids imagine a shop for Roberts Common in Fargo

Students at Ben Franklin Middle School got a crash course in retail over the past few months.

The students presented their plans for unique retail stores that could be built in Roberts Commons in Fargo.

They worked over the past few months along with the Kilbourne Group to come up with the ideas for the stores.

They identified target audiences, store hours and had to explain to a panel of judges why their business would be successful.

“I think they liked the idea of coming up with a plan to go into a specific business. I know one of the areas that they seemed to enjoy most was figuring out how are we going to reach our target audience and creating advertising to get there,” said 8th Grade English Teacher, Matt Hallquist.

This was the first year of the project and Hallquist said he hopes to find another real world challenge for students to undertake next year.

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