F-M Curling Club Hosts USA Junior National Curling Championships

The F-M Curling Club Hosts the Annaul USA Junior National Curling Championships

One of the biggest sporting events in the country is taking place in Fargo.

The F–M Curling Club is this year’s host of the USA Junior National Curling Championships.

“We’re excited,” said F-M Curling Club Manager Evan Workin. “We’re happy to show off our new facility we have here and bring everyone from our own country here to check it out.  There’s eight men’s teams and eight women’s teams. They’ll play every team in their pool so they’ll play seven games and then the top three of the pool play will advance to the playoffs.  The winner of the playoff game will go on to the worlds in South Korea, which is the test event for the 2018 Olympics.”

Workin said that curling has become more popular over the years.

“Being a new Olympic sport, getting as much TV coverage as it has, we also have curling night in America that’s shown through January,” he explained. “That’s really been popular. People just seeing it at home and seeing what it is and trying it out so it’s really, really grown over the last few years. I’m rooting for the local team, that’s for sure. I see them around the club, they’re always here doing stuff around here so I’m hoping to see them do well.”

The games will continue all week, and the the finals will be held on Saturday.

To Livestream the event, check out the F-M Curling Club’s website.

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