Fifth Graders Learn About Jazz Music

Fifth Graders in the F-M Area Learn About Jazz Music From the FM KICKS Band

Fifth graders all across the FM area were taught a lesson about jazz music.

More than 2,000 fifth graders enjoyed performances and a history lesson about jazz music from the FM KICKS Band.

The performance took place at Moorhead Senior High School and was hosted by The Learning Bank, which is a non–profit organization that brings cultural performances to elementary aged students.

“It’s really a great way for students to be introduced to band and orchestra, to get them involved as they move on to 6th grade,” said Kim Belgarde, a fifth grade teacher at Bennett Elementary School.

The performance included Dixieland jazz, 1920’s swing music, and even some cartoon theme songs.

The FM KICKS Band hopes that programs like this will help preserve and promote jazz music.

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