Canadian Woman Survives Six Days Without Lungs

Melissa Benoit was born with cystic fibrosis and her lungs became so infected, doctors removed them


A Canadian woman is walking, talking and full of life after living six days without her lungs.

Surgeons removed Melissa Benoit’s lungs after they became infected and it began to spread throughout her body.

Benoit was born with cystic fibrosis and her doctors say taking out her lungs and putting her on a breathing machine was the last chance to save her life.

Benoit, who received new lungs, says she feels like a brand new person.

“Wow!!! This is what it feels to breath like a normal person! It was incredible,” she said in a press conference. “Whoa! I can climb a flight of stairs now. But now, every breath that I take is…. wow!!”

Benoit’s doctors say this is the first time the procedure in this degree has ever been done.

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