DOW Closes Above 20,000 Points

After breaking the record high Wednesday morning the DOW Jones remained above the 20,000 mark after closing Wednesday afternoon

It’s a historic day for the stock exchange.

The Dow Jones has surpassed the 20,000 mark for the first time.

This comes after speculation as to how the markets would be affected by the surprise results of November’s election.

Along with the Dow, the NASDAQ and the S & P 500 are also remaining healthy post–election according to financial experts.

Even if you’re not one for the markets, this landmark is encouraging news.

“We see an economy that’s slowly improving. Earning season just started and companies are reporting and for the most part they’re making money, which is great. The new president, like him or not, we see some things that hopefully will be pro–growth,” said Senior Vice President at The Elbert Holstad Group, Jeremy M Elbert.

The DOW closed still above the 20,000 mark at 20, 068 points.

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