Release of Strikes Up DAPL Conversation

The site created to inform citizens of state emergencies puts a heavy focus on the pipeline protests

North Dakota launched a new state website. is split between two main sections:  spring flooding and pipeline protests.

The DAPL section is populated with daily police logs and press releases on the protest going as far back as last August.

There’s also a section dedicated to debunking government perceived myths about the protest.

“There’s a lot of social media stuff that can get out there in a hurry and you know none of it is accurate,” said Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier.

“It’s important that we get out and play in the world of social media and we play in that as well and as hard as we can,” said Governor Burgum.

Governor Burgum went as far to say some of what he termed “false news” has hurt North Dakota as a whole.

“When you have a prolonged global negative media, which is sometimes not accurate, filled with some of the myths that are iterated here, it has a downward effect,” he said.

The governor says he hopes the website will make it easier for people to do their own fact checking.

He added with the president’s executive order to go forward with the pipeline, an end may be in site from a legal stand point.

“Now there’s actually an environment where all parties on all sides of this have an environment where we could actually have a resolution,” he said.

Governor Burgum said one of his concerns with protests continuing near the pipeline is the potential for spring flooding.

“We’ve got a life safety situation where we’ve got the camp if you will, that’s in a flood zone,” he said.

He said the primary use for the website is for state emergencies like weather.

Flooding information will be available on the site after the National Weather Service releases their forecasts on January 27th.

Governor Burgum said his administration is working with the Trump Administration to prepare for any future natural disasters in our state.

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