Career and Technical Education “Winterfest” Open House

Fargo South High School CTE Students Show Their Peers What the Class Offers

FARGO, N.D. — Students taking career and technical education classes at South Fargo High School held an open house for their peers and parents.

The open house took place in South High School’s auto and manufacturing room, where students demonstrated some skills they learned in their class such as welding and how to put a tire on a car.

The showcase also displayed cars and snowmobiles in honor of the “Winterfest” theme.

“That’s what we’re trying to show the students right now that they can take these classes, learn how to work on their car and if they want to weld something together they can,” said Reile Sailer, a CTE student at South High School.

The open house hopes to interest students to sign up for the career and technical education classes for the 2017 fall semester. Over 2,000 students across the Fargo Public High Schools were enrolled in at least one CTE class during the 2016–2017 school year.

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