YWCA Preps to Open Renovated Shelter

After a pipe burst causing extensive damage the YWCA in Fargo is nearly ready to get back to normal operations

The YWCA is just one day away from reopening their Fargo shelter after the building closed due to damage from a burst pipe.

The YWCA’s Fargo shelter has been closed for about six weeks.

“We had residents’ rooms destroyed, the stairwell ceiling collapsed,” said Communications Coordinator for the YWCA, Anne Slette.

In the early morning hours of December 20th, officials said the cold temps caused a pipe to freeze and burst.

By the time the water was shut off, an estimated $250,000 in damage had been done.

YWCA officials had to relocate people to a local hotel for the duration of the rebuild.

“While we weren’t in our physical building with the roof over our head, our services continued and our staff worked hard to be there for women and children escaping crisis,” said Slette.

Thanks to insurance and $50,000 in generous donations from the community, the YWCA was able to make the necessary repairs.

The YWCA took this as an opportunity to make some much needed improvements to their facility, including this highly resilient wall paper.

With these changes they’ll be able to better serve the thousands of women and children that come through their doors each year.

“We tested the durability that will last, you know, for thousands and thousands of families coming to us in the future,” said Slette.

Donations from the community also helped the YWCA replenish the supplies they lost to water damage.

“Our diaper storage was one area that was damaged. This gentleman and his girlfriend donated 10,000 diapers,” said Slette.

After seeing all the support from the community, Slette said it reminded the YWCA staff just how important the work they’re doing is.

“It helped us realize that our services go far beyond just our building,” said Slette

Fifty-seven women and children are expected to move in the next couple of days and the YWCA says plenty more are likely to come in the coming weeks.

If you’d like to make a donation to the YWCA, click this link.

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